Be The Smile

Understand how to shape your happiness.  Understand how your focus and attention does far more to determine your feelings than your actual situation.

Understand the value of taking time to rest in happiness, the value of fulfilling yourself.

The common conception is that fulfillment comes as a result of a process.  This is a misconception – not completely false, but missing the more relevant truth: fulfillment is the process.

We live in a very goal-oriented society and often, if progress is not tangible, it is not viewed as progress.  However, everything flows from the quality of mind.  How much more progress could be made if the world were emotionally stable!

Take time to be the smile – take every moment to be the smile.  You will feel the tangible impacts – with practice, you will learn to melt stress and draw sustenance from yourself for yourself, or whoever needs it.  This practice will help you overcome obstacles.

This sense of rushing is endemic to society – everyone wants to be busy, wants to be contributing.  Sometimes we tend to lose sight of our immediate contribution (distress, anxiety) if we are too focused on progressing towards the goal of our contribution or are trying to accomplish too many things at once.   Sometimes this is okay, but often it is unnecessary and becomes counterproductive.  It is one thing if Maslow’s hierarchy is breathing down your neck, but quite another if you are a first world resident with a full belly.

It is important to focus on progress, but essential to remember and value the good fortune we have, because similar to how it is not difficult to part a fool from his money, it is not difficult for a person who does not cultivate a sense of gratitude for their good fortune to lose their happiness.  It all comes down to understanding the value of what you have.

So stop placing so many external conditions on your happiness – this is a frequent cause of dilution.  Stop placing so many restrictions on what you allow yourself to feel due to what you think is appropriate – it is okay to work with a smile, even if you are behind a ‘deadline.’  The world is arbitrary.  Do your best to follow your own rules, while not flagrantly breaking anyone else’s needlessly.

So much thinking becomes irrelevant immediately after it is thought.  It becomes a needless exercise in wheel-spinning.

Be the smile, recharge your self, and perform your best.