A Moment’s Rest

It was a stressful day.

Kids bouncing off walls, cleaning deficit growing, appointments to be kept, work to be done.

Not enough time.

That constricting feeling, stress, starting to coil around my spine and work its way up, choking off my thoughts and my ability to work my brain properly.

Breaking point.

Voice raising, reason quieting, I start to try to force my vision of events into reality.

Breathing point.

I see the unhealthy act starting, I try to bring myself back to earth by breathing deeply into my belly.  I see the humour in my situation – Sisyphus laughs!  That helps more, freeing me quickly of my earlier simmering rage, allowing me to reapply myself to patience.

Resting point.

Lilah’s warm head is pressed against mine.  She is sleeping soundly, worn out from a day of wearing me out.  She smiles, and does a little murmur in her sleep.  I allow myself to feel tears of gratitude burn into my eyes, for her health, her good nature, her love for me.

Cherishing that feeling of gratitude guides my direction more firmly than anything else.

Resting, sharing a moment together with the people who add to your life is something I wish for you all today, and every day.  Learn to cultivate this approach, that you may always (or at least more often!) feel gratitude and fulfilled.