You Are Not So Smart – David McRaney

I was introduced to You Are Not So Smart through the podcast, but there is also the blog and now a book as well.

This is a great program that explores the many ways in which we fool ourselves, or generally speaking, know less about things than we pretend.  David’s typical format is to provide a deep-dive into one form of cognitive bias per episode.   He has access to a great range of experts and deep thinkers, and certainly does an excellent job threshing the topics out.

This is a great podcast for opening your eyes about a lot of the little games we play with ourselves, or tricks we play on ourselves, behind closed doors.   It definitely provides fuel for critical self-exploration and coming to see when we are selling ourselves short through flawed reasoning.

Here is David’s own synopsis of what he’s all about and how he got there – an interesting story of itself, and here is a link to the episode list.  Listening will almost certainly bring you to a greater understanding of both yourself and social dynamics.

There are SO many great episodes – particular favorites include the episode on rejection with Jia Jiang, the Dunning-Kruger effect with David Dunning, and Misremembering with Julia Shaw and Daniel Simons.

Hope these add some insight and enjoyment to your experience.