Top 10 Tips to Keep Your Brain Young – Elizabeth Amini

I liked this Tedx Talk for quite a few reasons – it is the learning as a result of around 17,000 studies, and it promotes a wide range of activities – both physical activity and learning, self-management through eliminating negative self talk and managing our stress response, diet, and maintaining our social lives.

It is this sort of integrated approach that usually proves to be most effective, and to be honest, fits the bill the best.  For the most part, limiting your approach to addressing a systemic problem to a singular activity usually leads to sub-optimal results.

Alzheimer’s is something that will affect all of us – either directly, or someone we know and likely care about.  It is good to know that leading a balanced lifestyle will naturally help prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s, offsetting your associated risk.

As we become increasingly efficient at dealing with physical related ailments as a society, these sorts of degenerative mental health conditions will become the primary bottleneck on quality of life.  As she says in the video, it is never too early to start considering the longevity of your mental health, and to start taking steps to do your best to ensure you retain in well into the twilight of your life.

Thank you for your hard work and sharing your great findings in this area, Elizabeth.