The Secret to Self Control – Jonathan Bricker

A great presentation that speaks to the power and value of acceptance over repression.

Repression is an act of control that takes energy separate from coming to terms with whatever it is being repressed; eventually our will or resolve will be worn down under this eroding pressure.

Jonathan has taken this understanding and expanded it to a clinical sense when dealing with various problems of ‘self-control,’ allowing him to expound an understanding that has proven to be more effective than traditional methods, which, in many ways, hearkens back to even more fundamental traditional understanding – the talk of creating space within the self to work with is one of the fundamental observations of Buddhist thought and practice.  It is awesome to see yet another convergence between the deep understanding presented there and scientific understanding.

Thanks for sharing this wisdom, Jonathan!  Wishing widespread success for you in your goal of helping people quit smoking, and having your work lead to deeper levels of self-understanding throughout the world.