The 4 Secrets to Success – Daniel Ally

I thought this video had a lot of good advice.  You can tell he’s a polished speaker, he has his turns of phrase and expressions down pat – but beyond that, his emphasis is in the right place.

I really liked the importance he placed on you doing you – needing to understand yourself in order to drive your performance.  Living to your own standards, as opposed to living to someone else’s. Defining what success means to you.  Questioning the limitations you put on yourself.  These are all very important considerations to anyone as they grow up and are trying to determine their purpose.  And how quickly it can change.  Reminded me of some of the lessons from Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist.

The 4 secrets – time, information, money and energy – are really just the areas that are critical for you to actively manage, and overlooking any one of them in particular can lead to extra hardship and that feeling of being unfulfilled or out of control.  He makes several salient observations – most people value their time too cheaply, and trade it for things that aren’t really worth its value.  Many people consume a lot of information, but not necessarily high quality information.  And lots of people don’t seem to understand where their energy goes in a day – that the mental dialogue they maintain is often the largest source of, or user of, their energy.

It’s great that he uses a lot of his success to give back – his business is based around doing a lot of coaching and mentoring for others…that was the one area that I think could have been a bit more pronounced in the talk.  It is great to be successful, but if you are not enriching others at the same time, your success may feel a little empty.

Thanks for sharing your learnings on this, Daniel – wishing you continued success.