Self-Transformation Through Mindfulness – Dr. David Vago

In today’s age, science is often the validator of ideas and practices – there is a social trust placed in scientists that has been fading from our political, corporate and religious leaders.

Mindfulness is a practice that has been championed by a wide range of communities for literally thousands of years, oftentimes accompanied by rather amazing claims.  It is awesome to see the advances we have made in scientific imaging, measurement and detection validate something that for many has been part of their lived experience; the ability to grow and re-map one’s self through mindful awareness.

This is a very compelling talk from Dr. David Vago, who has studied the transformative power of mindfulness at length.

The ability to change and become greater than we thought possible is within us all.  Perhaps not surprising, the process both starts and ends with a willingness to observe and question our selves on the deepest level.

You can keep up with Dr. Vago’s ongoing work here.

Thanks David.