Khan Academy

The story behind Khan Academy is awesome.   It started with Salman Khan making videos to teach his younger cousin math or other highschool concepts, and spread in popularity from there.  His other cousins were interested in using it, he started putting his videos on YouTube, and the rest is history, as they say.

There are tons of videos on a wide range of subjects, and they are all free!  On top of that, it is all thoroughly vetted content – no need to worry about the quality of what you’re learning through this site.  If there is anything you’ve been interested in learning more about, or if there are any areas your children or a family member’s is struggling in, it is absolutely worth checking Khan Academy out.

Khan Academy runs basically entirely on donations, and has a comprehensive dashboard for progress tracking and other useful features in addition to the lessons themselves.

It seems like this is the kind of platform that a modern education system should be run on.  In the classroom, it allows the teacher to take on more of a management approach, allowing kids to self-learn and progress at their own paces, and flagging to the educator when they encounter a concept they have trouble with, allowing for much more efficient use of the educator’s time in troubleshooting and surpassing humps to the students’ learning curves.  This is what a 21st century education system should aim for.