The Simple Path to Wealth Stock Series – JL Collins

This is likely the only blog you will ever have to read to properly plan and financially prepare for retirement.

The Stock Series blog accompanies JL Collins’ book, The Simple Path to Wealth.  Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say the book was an eventual end-product of the blog, but all of the necessary information is captured and provided for free in the Stock Series blog.

There are a total of 31 posts in the series, and then another 20 or so from his blog that are related.  His writing is to the point, and while the subject matter can get rather dry at times, he is both informative and persuasive.

Not to steal his thunder, but in a nutshell, the recommendation is to make market-wide investments – better on the entire index using ETF or a fund, preferably Vanguard.

In these pages you will find a wide range of conversation, threshing out many of the ins and outs of investing and creating a dependable state of financial independence to last you into your old age, and to leave a generous nest-egg for future generations.

He is excellent at responding to commenters, and beyond the posts themselves you can learn a lot by reading through the comments to gain an even better appreciation of some of the various nuances involved.  But the best part is – the path itself is very simple, and the less you try to tweak it the better.  All of the assertions made are backed up with detailed consideration, evidence and analysis, which helps elevate this blog above many other personal finance reads.   And best of all, he tries to sell you nothing while you are on the page, typical of someone who is writing for the benefit of their readers.

Thank you for your shared wisdom, JL!

Stock Series