About Me

My name is Jamie Moffat.

I have a passion for learning and coming to understand the systemic nature of human existence and the dynamics associated with it.

My background is in Religion and Culture & Philosophy, along with an MBA and CPA designation.  I attempt to be deeply, putting the wisdom I have distilled and received into practice.

My goal with this site is to compile a collection of resources that I have found personally helpful, in the hopes that they will also be helpful to those I am able to share them with.  I also will use this as a platform to explore various reflections on life and living – in short, one part storehouse of useful knowledge and things I have found influenced me in a positive way, and one part creative outlet.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, or check out my Quora Profile to see what other questions I’ve considered, or my Amazon Profile to see what other books I’ve read and enjoyed.

I hope you find something here that enriches your journey – thank you for visiting.

Let me know what you think, or ask about what you find curious using the form below – what’s on your mind?