I am glad you’ve arrived – I am pleased to share a collection of my awareness, thoughts and resources with you.

So, what exactly is mindful living?

Mindful living is a deep awareness of the ‘suchness’ of a given situation or moment.  It is characterized by accurate perception, relative tranquility, compassionate approach and an ability to laugh at the foolishness of one’s own ego.

And, why is it important?

It represents freedom and independence – freedom from one’s own neuroses, and independence of view and perspective.  It becomes an exercise in removing bias, replacing assumptions with knowledge, and developing a sense of wisdom – of how to approach any given situation and handle it with poise.

But, why me?

This is the most important question of all.

There are many reasons why mindfulness practice is beneficial.  Stress management, improved health and happiness, the development of a strong internal coping mechanism resulting in an increased resilience to life’s challenges and a more collected personality.

Many people have grown up cut off from their spiritual traditions, due to various misrepresentations or politicization of the teaching institution.  Mindfulness is a powerful way to recover one’s spiritual heritage, and is an essential baseline practice for a life well-lived.

There are many dynamics in personal interactions and society that put the well-being of individuals and humanity as a whole at risk.  It is only through a deep awareness of the nature of these that we may work to resolve some of the problems that originate as a result of unhealthy dynamics.

In short, practicing mindfulness, and becoming adept at it, will have tangible impacts on your experienced reality and have repercussions for all who know you.

Seeing past the ‘us vs. them,’ and expanding your conception of the ‘other’ to include your self is one of the most effective ways to bring people together to creating a better present, so that we can continue to progress towards a better future.

Learning to take a more gracious, charitable or empathetic approach, not with your time and money, but with your thoughts, attitudes, perspectives and output, is how we will do this.